Biography of Pastor Anthony A. Sanders

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” 1 Corinthians 4:18. This scripture gives Pastor Anthony Sanders the motivation and faith to believe that God has established the provision for his vision.

Pastor Sanders is a native of Hallandale Beach, Florida, born to Lossye Sanders, raised and nurtured by his adopted mother Curlene Harvey who taught him to love and fear the Lord. Pastor Sanders attended Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church as a child. He later testified of how God moved him from sitting in the vestibule of the church during services, to the pulpit. As the Spirit of God tugged on his heart, a desire for the things of God became evident in his life. Pastor Sanders began teaching Sunday School, assisted in the establishment of the Men’s Ministry and ministered faithfully at Broward County Jail for six years. He was ordained as a Deacon, and later ordained as a Minister under the leadership of Rev. Joe C. Johnson. Pastor Sanders felt the need to equip himself for Ministry when he enrolled at the University of Fort Lauderdale, and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry in 1999.

As God continued to move in the life of Pastor Sanders, he was given the vision of a Higher Vision. His mandate is to minister to the un-churched and those who are seeking a non-traditional style of worship. After much prayer and fasting, Higher Vision Ministries was birth on January 1st 1999 in the living room of his home in the City of Hallandale Beach. He had a strong conviction that his family had to stay in Hallandale Beach to create change and hope for his community. God has blessed Pastor Sanders throughout these years of ministry. Deacons have been ordained, Ministers licensed, and the establishment of numerous ministries within the church. Pastor Sanders is a visionary, energetic, motivational speaker, gifted expositor of the Scriptures, making practical application appealing and necessary for the believer.

Eagle’s Wings Development Center, a Faith Based agency in the City of Hallandale Beach was established under the leadership of Pastor Sanders to assist residents in becoming self-sufficient. EWDC provided employability skills training, youth employment programs, home ownership counseling, tutoring, public assistance guidance, monthly food distribution, Back to School supplies, Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaways. Eagle’s Wings became a beacon of hope for the needy in the community. Pastor Sanders emerged as a voice for the Northwest community. He has a gift of being able to express his concerns for the historical lack of resources to the community, while at the same time appropriately suggest solutions to the challenges. As the elected officials observed his outstanding work in the community, in August 2008 Pastor Sanders was appointed to replace a retired City Commissioner. In November 2008 Pastor Sanders became the first African American living in the North West community to be elected to the City Commissioner in Hallandale Beach in over thirty years.

Since Pastor Sander’s election to the Commission, he continues to be a bridge to connect the resources to the local community. He has introduced many programs which are targeted to create jobs, affordable housing, upgrading of the local school system, and community programs for youth and adults.

The North West community has seen the following improvements since 2008:

• A new community Center – Foster Park

• A new state of the art pool and park – B. F. James Park

• A new park facility with football and basketball – O. B. Johnson Park

• A new social services center for youth and seniors– Hepburn Center

• Many new in-fill homes, more to come.

• Proposed establishment of a new medical center

The City of Hallandale of Hallandale Beach in general:

• Community Benefits plans which mandates local developers to hire local small contractors and local residents.

• “One Hallandale Initiative” which includes activities that would encourage residents of all areas to come together to share each other’s culture and common goals.

• Board of Director for the Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Act.

Other community boards include:

• South Broward Ministerial Alliance Member

• Broward Black Elected Officials, Treasurer

• Former board member of Aventura Hospital

Pastor Sanders is a man of integrity, he lives by the motto: “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you”. He is faithful to the call of ministry in the church and the community. Pastor Sanders has been recognized with several local and national organizations for his work in the community. Most recently, he was instrumental in bringing resources to his former church Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church through partnerships with community businesses to renovate the church for approximately $60,000 at no cost to the church to include a stem lab for youth to study math and science. He was recognized as one of the top fifty African American leaders in Broward County 2014, outstanding leadership in Pastoral Ministry honored by the United States Department of Commerce 2014, he was honored with an honorary doctorate degree in Divinity from St Thomas University, Jacksonville Florida. to name a few. He lives a well-rounded life, He is married to Jessica, they have four sons, Shaton, Ashan, Anthony, and Jared, and five grandsons.

Pastor Sanders holds to the scripture in Philippians 4:13 which states, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”. Lord, I am open to whatever You want to do in me.

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